Stories for Orgies

How porno movies start

Sex in the sauna

A bashful whore


Black and white

My bad monday

Baby takes a bow

After school

St. tropez

Adventure in bali

The little purple dress

A day at the beach

Arrested development

The birthday present

Gift wrapped

Our monthly swing party

Caving in


A live moment



Apricot wine

The afternoon tea party

Our new friends

At the library

Spin the bottle

2 guys are...

Whet appetites

College vacation

Mission of mercy



The bridge party

At the water s edge

Green adventure

A basketball rivalry

Balls, cues and bets

My boyfriend is late again

Days off

Cooling off

How john and i met

The invitation

Bachelorette cfnm

Attended to

Apt 201: helping hand

It was worth the wait

m learns to be a courtesan

My first threesome

Slutty wife

Aren t the neighbours nice?

The initiation

1 cock+1 cock+1 pussy=fun

17 degrees of revenge

Amy and the security men

Fly the friendly skies

Ascent into bi sex

Happy new year!

At hairrow

A brief lesson in passion


America s favorite sport

War victim

Sweet revenge

Attending to the attendant

Bachelor / bachelorette party

A barman s dream


Black and white

Young and old


The ad

69 on route 66 remembered

Getting pulled over


Spring break

Back in the saddle


A bellboy s delight

One hot night


Ballerina slut

A glimpse of heaven

Asking for my fantasy

April party

Art class ch2

First swap

Our first experience

A bottle of chris and...

First group action

The shower

Shower time

The surprise bachelor party

Julie the dirty whore

Mrs.c s second gangbang

Man of the house

Nursing home fun

A big problem for pam

College weekend friday night

Baby you re a star!

21st birthday surprise

Quiet or mom might hear

A sunny day

Behind bars



The “big” party

A ball game balling


Mrs.c, a soccer mom s gangbang

25th class reunion

First adventure

My girlfriend and her co-workers

Wild things

At the rest stop

18 and fucking: my first fuck fest

Slut of the day

Our new neighbors


Some things in life just happen.

Back to college - part ii

First threesome

Best man and the bride

A basketball rivalry

A breath of forever

Balls eye

Adult theater suck slut

Bring cheryl

Bachelor party


Loving it up in an elevator



Gangbanged by the white guys

At the mall


One night with rita

Army games

A night at the opera

3 sluts on the night shift

A birthday party

April s back in town


Awesome threesome

The elevator

Strip story

After hours

Jenna s big surprise

The cruise

A beautiful partnership

2 guys are better than 1


Architects of passion

The graduate assistant


A basketball team gangbang

Net ball

Ned and trudi

Cornish summer


A bashful whore


The librarian

Backstage blast

Looking for trouble

At the movies

Mile high club

The doctors

Born to suck

6 o clock sex

Back to college - part iii

The switch

Under the table

A dirty trick

Crisis in your quarters

Asteroid 11349

Wife s surprise

The plumber

Ann s anal

Ashli s other job

18 with a d-cup

Along the path


My first threesome

Stop sign

My whore s dream

Little linda

A birthday present

The taming of melissa milano

Back rent gets paid

Looking for trouble

A bonus from vicky

Back to college

25th class reunion

Just a country girl

Working through university

Anything for kimberly

Fat farm stud

Good neighbours

Around the corner

Under his spell