Stories for Fetish

Now that s a fine cigar

Barabara s boytoy

The librarian

Ballet diversions

A co-worker and me

Hope s initiation

Not what rob had in mind

The pissing contest

Return to the glory hole

Betting at pool

Mother-in-laws dream



Backyard brawl

1st time cross dressing

A cigarette

Basement games

Peeper payback

Our adventures


Caught on camera

Bar bitch

A barbecue

Becoming a tigress

Breaking and entering

Caught in the act



Bladder palaver

Basic training - part ii

The incubus

Condo voyeur

Munich follies

Babying sarah

One nice day

The party of his life

Bed of stone

Bachelor party

My dirty little whore.

A dilemma in three parts

Ultimate gift

Belt fuck

A journey to the dark side

A fetish shared

Not alone

Youthful truths


Under his spell


The guidance councelor

A change of pace


Being naughty

A friendly foot job

Bar sluts

In need of it

Just like old times

A jailer s captivity




The fitting

Be a good girl

Foot fetish

Bdsm garden scene

Black & white #2

St. tropez

A master s pet

The ad #2

A fetish show to remember

Bitch boy

Pulled over by the police

Wife s cocksucker

The graduate assistant


Bedtime release

In need

She does him

New she-male lisa

A little less conversation


The first party

Before dawn and after hours

Beaten tits

A day of discipline and degradation

Beating and branding


Caught on camera

Jo and the boys

A fun night with my wife

Doing drunk darla

A clean mouth is a happy mouth

Gia s pet

Baby blue eyes

Black wing angel

Best birthday

Becoming my master s whore

Cathy flasher


After work

Stripper exploits


A cold ale

The break in

Basic training - part i

Caught in the act



Only time will tell

A dream come true

The rave


The ex

Shower peek

Bartender gets his fill


Jenni likes to tease

Showing off

One day

The cruise

A change of pace

White wash

The initiation

Outdoor party

The motel

Bathing beauty

Beat me harder, master

Barefoot coworker s dream comes true

Being humiliated and loving it

Be careful darling

The appointment

The cum couple of clearwater

Shower time

So humiliated

The purchase

Doing kim

The interrogation

Pulled over by the police

Betty in the basement

Before the massage

The surrogate

A different kind of therapy - part two

The tax inspector

A further pie at work

Claire # 1: the seduction

Babe shower

In trouble

The carny

The secret

Blackmail of the boobs

A jailor s captivity

A bit of leather

A hospital visit


The deacon

Bathroom mistress

Mommy and boyfriend

Mile high club

Beaten into submission with a strap-on

Union station


My teasing wife

Strange love


A train ride

New life

New mistress

A foot and leg worship story

A fruitful life

Sister in law

Piggy in the middle

A golden request

Barbara s punishment

Take me out to the ballgame

Bachelor party creampie - part ii

Hot and wet night

The massage

Bachelor party creampie - part i

Bad baby

Get filthy

Bagged at the opera

Bad girl

Adult movie house

A twist in his sobriety

A dominant wife

Young & smooth


Would you?

A fist fuck

A friendship transformed

A deep dark fantasy

Bed and breakfast

Morning sugar

A further pie at work

Bartender gets his fill - episode 2

A cultural experience

Bring cheryl