Stories for Hardcore

Back to nature

The nurse and the patient


Back to school

My first blowjob

The affair

Chad s lucky day.

New found passion

The gym teacher

New beltane


Bait and switch

Club quickie

One beautiful day

The ebony satisfier

A friend

The stranger

Bringing home the bacon

A beach encounter

Revenge is sweet???

Late night

Lesbian needs

The salesman

Hot tub

Out of control

Back and forth

Past curfew

Mile high club

Mrs. anderson

The prisoner

10:30 am come on over

Room service

Spring heralded

Just that

10:30 a.m. come on over

Bad mr. hill

Taking it


Football widow


Blonde in the orient #2

The switch

Stud toy

The drive-in

69 really is a classic

Home for a visit


18 yo schoolgirl gets a mouthful

The academy

Babysitter spends the night

Tub time

The reunion

White guy second time

The school for girls: part one

Back seat tool


19th century facial

Alicia and boomer

Undercover stories: part two

A neighbor has a problem

Chance meeting

Turned on at meijers

Mothers and daughters

The manager: part one

The plumber

Banging russian beauty

I want to eat your pussy

Undercover stories: part one

Fake it.

25th wedding anniversary

First white guy

The business trip


A bad case of loneliness

The babysitter

After school

The reunion

I came early

Back yard jacuzzi



The dinner

High school dream date

My first time

Roan high knob

Hired maid

New customer service

Baby doll

You know this lover

Money talks


Baby sister

Milking machines

The fringes

Awakening the slut in lisa

30 minutes lecture

Helping hands

Movie stars


The elevator

Women s private gym

The autumn rains

Backstreet boy

Back from the train tracks

The bench

Mail room boy

Stud man

Quiet in the dark

Chocolate covered

The dance

Born to suck

25th wedding anniversary

The bar wench

The dentist is in

Together at last

Lost leader

Autumn rain

Ballroom at the venitian

Back in the stacks

Bad girl

Remote control

The prom dress fitting

A knock on the door

The graduate assistant

The academy: part three

Physical exam

Lucky chatting in vegas

Mother teaches daughter

A bad day for all


Lessons in dominance: part one

I cheated with the secretary

Mission of mercy

Semester break


The teacher

Red leather

Shaved and relaxed


Backseat rendez-vous

Cum story

The wish

Executive secretary

Birthday present

69 really is a classic

We did it all the time

Bad porn

Remembering again

A friend in need

A bartender s advice

The salesman

Hot summer day

A beach fantasy

First time writer

A bad case of loneliness

My girlfriend s a tease!

The games we play

The playroom

Morning after temptation

Neighbor by moonlight

18 and lusting for lover s dad

A pirates life for me

Aunt alice

Banging with hammers

My best friend s little sister

O canada

Back to college

Mid afternoon break

A beautiful view of paris

A bbw and a tall gentleman

Fore play

Back cast bonding


Card game


9 hours of foreplay

My favorite nurse

Screen test


A beach meeting

Black male

A beach meeting

Cabin love

Best fuck of your life




Summer time

Avon calling

A battle

A battle

Introduction to lust

Wife s vacation fun

A helping hand

New feeling

The office party

Weekend guest: part two

Gentle dental

The races

A sporting good night

The manager: part two

Lost leader


Fat farm stud

Easing the grief

One time shag

Sex ed: the girl s class

Red cowboy boots

A hunger of lust and desire

The walk

Picking up staci

St. tropez

A cheating night

A bbw class reunion

Lessons in dominance: part two

Back country trails

Bored meeting

The storm

Rachel and her church

Baking bread

John s return

Lessons learned

Father o reilly s true confessions: part two

Sophie s world

The course

Awoken to fantasy

The trip

Lou and mart s tale

Sex ed: the boy s class

Debbie adultery

An answer

A beach fantasy

Seat of discipline



bored meeting

The academy: part two

California dreaming

Mountain bike mayhem

Taming fay

Cycle slut

56k love connection

A afternoon walk

Ball breaker

House call

A friend in need

Jamie doggystyle

Sexing up the marriage

School for girls: part two

My first time

A helping hand

Because, it s you.

Road trip with tessa

Oral addiction


Rich lad

The roman

My rescuer

Paper or plastic

Bachelor party

Special offer (part one)

Football perk

Coed fantasy

Elevator ride

The academy: part one

I mist you

Bar games

Tropical delight


Mary my love...

Making love

Blonde in the orient

Transvestite, female style

The ad

The jungle

Weekend guest: part one

School for girls: part three

Asian submissive

Only in my dreams

Like mother, like daughter

The dream


Sex fantasy

Camera store seduction

A dream

The bench

The lost weekend

1920s ink

The room

What i do to me

A sporting good night

Your birthday!

The hermaphrodite


The trainer

New erogenous zone

Grandmother s house

f is for female

Overnight visit

Shower boys

Clothes shopping

The mile high club

After school job

19th century facial